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BADP Town Hall Meeting

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Yesterday, November 1st, BADP Sierra Leone Director Daniel Koroma held a town hall meeting with select Bumpeh Academy staff and local community leader Ms Kaimbay. The purpose: providing all parents of Bumpeh Academy Secondary School with up-to-date information about the upcoming school water well project. Mr Koroma’s brief introduction was followed by a speech from Ms Kaimbay, the Director of the Community Center for Empowerment and Transformation (CCET) in Rotifunk. CCET is a close ally of and partner organization for BADP, having provided safe transfer of funds for projects in the past, logistical support for construction, and even allowed BADP to use the Rotifunk community center free of charge to run teacher training workshops in December of 2017. With the water well for Bumpeh Academy expected to begin shortly, both Mr Koroma and Ms Kaimbay talked in length about the project’s timeline and how BADP and the Bumpeh Academy community, with the assistance of CCET, plan on closely monitoring and evaluating the progress of the project over the coming 4-5 months.  Constructing a water well is BADP's most immediate project, and the most immediate need for the rapidly growing Bumpeh Academy. Both Bumpeh and the nearby Evangelical Model Primary School are both located a half kilometer outside of Rotifunk and have no current source of fresh water. The combined almost 750 students and staff of both schools either have to walk back into town for water, or to the nearby village of Saima, another half kilometer down the road from