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BADP Projects

All of our projects are locally-led. Our long-term strategic plan for development is rooted in the education and community-based needs of Rotifunk as identified by its benefactors and the Bumpeh Chiefdom.  

Rashid Conteh Memorial Scholarship

In honor of the late BADP co-founder and founding-principal of Bumpeh Academy, we’ve created a small fund dedicated entirely in providing scholarships to students, particularly young women, who struggle to afford annual school fees.  With the Rashid Conteh Memorial Scholarship, as little as $30 can cover all school uniform and book costs for a single student for the entire academic year.

Rashid was one of Rotifunk’s champions of education. His tireless determination drove much of the Bumpeh Academy and wider Rotifunk community forward. He was uncompromising in his vision for Bumpeh Academy’s growth and instrumental in raising the academic standards throughout Rotifunk.

Bumpeh Academy School Construction

We have worked alongside the Bumpeh Academy management team for three years to co-fund construction initiatives including: improved roofing, paving floors, plastering walls, and erecting classroom partitions.

Construction is ongoing, and BADP is committed to making sure that Bumpeh Academy’s facilities and campus meet the needs of the students and staff.

Right now, we are working towards finishing Bumpeh Academy’s first three classrooms, are mid-construction of the second wing of three classrooms, and have plans to construct three more to meet growing student enrollment. In addition, we plan on assisting the school in raising funds for its administrative wing, which will include a staff room, treasurer’s office, principal’s office, and school storage.

Fresh Water Well for Students

With most of Bumpeh Academy’s school fees being tied up in school improvement and structural construction costs, only a small amount has been set aside for the construction of a well.

Water wells, like latrines, are an instrumental piece of a completed school’s profile. Wells help ensure improved sanitary conditions across a school, and even help improve school attendance by both providing a readily available source of drinking water for students and staff, along with improved hygiene.

BADP Program Associates have acquired quotes from local contractors, and are currently working on design plans for the well. In addition, Bumpeh Academy school management is seeking local sources for funding, which BADP will then add to.  The cost of a durable, low maintenance, and easily repairable well is about $4,000 USD.


Between late 2016 and early 2017, BADP worked alongside the Bumpeh Academy management to build male and female latrines for student and staff use.

Studies across Sub-Saharan Africa have repeatedly documented a causal link between a lack of safe, female-only latrines providing running water and resultant low school attendance and high dropout rates for young women.

Latrines provide a safe space for students, and help bolster gender equality in rural schools by giving young women the same necessary privacy in addition to increased safety needed for bathroom use.

School-Wide Teacher Training

This past December, BADP ran Rotifunk’s first-ever in-service academic training for current secondary teachers. All nineteen Bumpeh Academy teachers participated in addition to two representatives from each of the three other secondary schools operating in Rotifunk, including: Prosperity All Girls School, Ahmadiyya Secondary, and Walter Schutz Memorial.

The trainings were designed to not only build fundamental methodological skills for the teachers, but also to combat some of the resource-based problems that teachers in rural Sierra Leone face on a daily basis.

In addition to the trainings themselves, several local educators were given additional training to run several seminars themselves. This helps ensure that the knowledge and resources to run future trainings remains locally-based and increases the local sense of agency over the topics.

If you would like a more in-depth look at our teacher training series, you can download the full report below.

On-going School Construction

School construction measures have been ongoing since BADP’s founding in 2015. To date, BADP has fully or partially funded the following: finishing wall construction, floor paving, and exterior plastering of three junior secondary classrooms, emergency roof improvements and replacements, and partitions for three senior secondary schools.

Poultry Farm

BADP is currently working with Rotifunk community members in the discovery and design phase of putting together a small-scale poultry farm for the town.

Malnutrition is a rampant issue across sub-Saharan Africa, and the Rotifunk town leaders have highlighted the importance of finding improved, sustainable ways to provide more local options for protein. As of now, chickens, or eggs in large quantities, are only available in urban centers like Freetown or Moyamba, both a several hours’ drive away.

We’ve been asked by the town to help assist in the project’s development, planning, and partial funding. The project is currently being co-authored by Rotifunk and BADP leadership.

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